Catering Dnepr

"You may regard yourself as a professional if your business goes brilliantly while you’re getting pleasure from it..."

Michael Litvak

Our  company practices catering service quite a while, providing our work efficiently and professionally. We serve wide variety of activities and our goal is to make your celebration ideal. Organization of your event is another step of perfection from "Catering Dnepr".


"Creativity is… the ability to link different pieces of your experience and to synthesize something new…"

Steve Jobs

Catering is an idea which is based on mobility, competence and new technologies. It’s organization of an event in full, including rent of an aircraft or ship, special branded decorations, floristic and table appointments.


"The invention of a new dish does more for human happiness than the discovery of a new star"


Catering company "Catering Dnepr" is a modern restaurant of an outdoor servicing with exquisite European cuisine. If you want to make your celebration tasteful – try our catering service. 

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Catering Dnepr

In itself, the concept of "catering" includes event catering, and the ability to order food at different scales: it is a small reception to celebrate the birthday at home or a banquet with rental boats. Catering History began in Europe several decades ago, and have been developed in Western countries is easy to start to develop a catering Dnepropetrovsk in this direction.