Alexander Alekseenko
Brand executive chef

Alexander Alekseenko is one the best cooking masters in whole Dnepropetrovsk. It’s probably because of his love of this job, which became the passion of his life. Brand-chef is not just a chef, it’s a man capable to manage all the process of cooking delights in a creative way. This profession does not teach anywhere else, it comes by itself, as a set of skills and mastery, built on creative thinking and managerial competencies.

Shaparenko A.
Sous chef

Sophisticated menu for our catering company is one of the keys of success of a sous chef – Shaparenko A. He did a lot for developing  ‘Catering Dnepr’ company in a creativity field, helping to create a unique menu for each event. This is a man, for whom nothing is impossible in the culinary world. Always competent actions and lot of experience are making him an irreplaceable assistant of Alexander, our bran chef.

Artemenko I.
Sous chef

Large events require a lot of hands. A special person in team of our brand chef is a sous chef Artemenko I. He’s professional not only in cooking field but also in managing and organizing different kind of work and monitoring the quality of process. He’s definitely an indispensable person in all areas: from creating the menu to ordering products. I.Artemenko is a sous chef who always keeps abreast of kitchen.