Khorishko D.A.
Руководитель компании

The person who sets in motion the mechanisms of the company. As a watchmaker ensures that all actions were well honed, and movement harmoniously. Darya Alekseevna always watching innovations in cooking, visiting a variety of exhibitions, conferences, not only in our country but also abroad. Therefore, the company Catering Dnepr always sootvestvetstvuet new fashion trends in their culinary masterpieces in kreotivnom decoration of dishes and buffet table.

Пасько Ю. А.
Purchasing Manager

If the team of chefs Catering Dnepr need fast delivery of products, Julia Alexandrovna will calculate  and plan the delivery of procurement within the specified period. Julia Alexandrovna always know where you can buy the highest quality and fresh produce. Catering Dnepr company owes Pasko Y.A. mobility and quality of products.

N. V. Lutsenko
Health officer

Catering Dnepr team cares about its reputation and therefore safety and quality of products is the main characteristic of the company. Natalia V. Lutsenko is responsible for the safety of catering and food, which is available on-site service. Natalia V. strictly controls the freshness, quality and compliance of products with sanitary norms.