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An exceptional
2001 Foundation of «Catering Dnepr»
2011 Servicing stadium "Dnepr-Arena"
2014 Sophisticated restaurant, brilliant and modern
representative of catering service in Ukraine


An itself, the concept of ‘catering’ means servicing activities and ability to order food in different scales:  from cocktail dinner to celebrate birthday at home to banquet on a rental boat. The history of catering begins in Europe a few decades ago and when it was developed in western countries, it was easily to bring it to Dnepropetrovsk to develop foodservice in this direction.

In autumn 2001, company ‘Catering Dnepr’ was founded. In the beginning all activity of our company was directed aside flight catering – airline meals. And in following years, almost all of the catering services were enclosed within the airports, but at the same time creative ideas and desire to become the best ones inspired us to go beyond any limitations. It is here the company ‘Catering Dnepr’ became that one, which it is nowadays.

In 2010, company is actively developing and increasing it service abilities, reaches completely new level and is ready to organize a high-quality catering of all sizes… In 2011, ‘Catering Dnepr’ organizes catering service at the stadium ‘Dnepr-Arena’ and in may 2012 begins an active cooperation with the corporation ‘Agrosoyuz’. This was another step of development and proved that the best cookers and dishes are centered here – in ‘Catering Dnepr’! At this stage the company's top priority is to organize corporate events, banquets, barbecues, picnics, etc.

Since 2014 company is developing in catering direction, but that’s modernity, follow it in news!

Working with us is easy and pleasant!
High-quality catering service at any place where organization of banquets was planned thanks our team of professionals. The unusual organization of your celebrations – not only delicious food, but also creative service activities, including design, floristry and table appointments for each client! Organization of catering is a whole course, which was mastered by our team in ‘Catering Dnepr’. Italian cuisine, or traditional home dishes on your event – is your choice. Or if it’s hard to decide, you’ll be surprised by wide range of meals in Dnepropetrovsk!


We are trusted. We always justify our reputation
  • High-quality products
  • Personal approach
  • Exclusive menu
  • Flexible prices
  • Mobility

The basic rule of any value is to keep it. Considering that the organization of catering is very dynamic, and restaurant market is more and more variable, we still find it possible to keep the main rule of value. It’s unchangeable.

In cooking we use only high-quality products no matter if it’s a small order or servicing a whole wedding.

Personal approach to every client is the main rule of creativity which is one of our advantages in this area of servicing. Creative organization of celebrating makes it memorable and breathtaking experience for each customer. We can feel the importance of any event and make it perfect.

The best chiefs in Dnepropetrovsk are working hard on our menu, to make it really exquisite and unique. We can offer you a wide range of dishes from traditional home cuisine to special, sophisticated food.  ‘Catering Dnepr’ is one of the few companies where the molecular cuisine is practiced. 

One of our values is price variability. The ‘Catering Dnepr’ company holds very flexible pricing policy. So that’s why organizing of coffee-breaks, banquets and cocktail parties are available for any customer.

What about catering… It only requires mobility – one of our values which we are proud of. Our company maintains this with the most modern equipment and new technologies.

People, who make your event perfect