The beginning of Lent with CateringDnepr

With the onset of winter last week, started the first week of Lent. If you follow the post, but there is a question how to combine business with pleasure, the team of chefs Catering Dnieper every day ready to delight you with a new recipe for meatless dishes.

The first week of Lent, like the last one, are considered the most stringent and are in xerophagy. The first day of fasting is necessary to conduct a complete abstinence from food. But since the second, you can afford an unusually delicious meatless salads, vegetables and fruits. One such recipe lettuce shared with us the brand-chief of "Catering Dnepr".

Arugula salad with radish and tomatoes.

Arugula, tomatoes and radish wash. If you are using cherry tomatoes, Cut the them in half. Radish grate to have turned thin slices. Cut the arugula on the side. Add some pine nuts. For the filling, use lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste. Bon Appetite!

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