Julienne from champignons

Julien is the term of French cuisine, which means the way of cutting vegetables for further processing. Namely, slicing vegetables with thin straws - to speed up their preparation and get a more delicate consistency of the dish.

You will need:

For 500 - 600 g of champignons
3 heads of onions
150 grams of melted butter
2 - 3 tbsp. l. olive oil
500 ml of sour cream
100 gr of hard cheese
salt, pepper to taste

How to cook:

1. Mushrooms mine, dried on a paper towel, breaks the legs, they do not use.

2. We cut mushrooms with thin straws, onions - small cubes, cheese - we rub on a grater.

3. On the oil fry onions until golden brown, then mushrooms. If the oil is not enough, add the olive oil. When the mushrooms are fried, pour 2 tbsp. flour and mix well.

4. Fry mushrooms with flour for a couple of minutes and pour in sour cream. If the sauce is thick, add a little milk or sour cream to the desired consistency of liquid sour cream. We put the sauce in the molds.

5. Top with cheese and send to bake for five minutes in the oven, heated to 250C until a golden crust.

Bon Appetit! With love, your Catering Dnepr!