Omelette with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese

   Breakfast - the most important meal of the day. Eating a meal in the morning we get the maximum amount of nutrients. Also in the morning, you can afford to consume a large amount of calories that will not bring harm to our figure. One of the most beloved of all is zavtrokov omelet. It is possible to prepare a wide variety of ways for you, but the cook company Catering Dnepr advises you to make an omelette most tasty and healthy:

You will need these ingredients:

Egg chicken - 3 pieces
Cherry tomatoes - 4 pieces
Butter - 20 g
Mozzarella cheese - 50 g
Green basil - 20 g
Olive oil, salt and pepper - to taste

Prigovlenie only takes 5 minutes:

1. Mix the eggs with salt and pepper.
2. In a frying pan with butter and a bit simmered tomatoes fill with eggs. Twenty seconds later add the mozzarella, basil leaves narezzhte and remove from heat.
3. At a moment leave to the pan to cool, then pour the olive oil and serve.

A cup of morning espresso invigorate and give you energy for the whole day. Bon Appetit!