Ravioli with cheese and mint

You will need:
For the test:
Wheat flour - 100 g
Manna cereal - 100 g
Egg Chicken - 2 pcs.
Olive oil - 10 g
Salt - to taste
For the filling:
Feta cheese - 30 g
Fresh mint - 8 leaves
For the sauce:
Champignons - 3 pcs.
Cream 33% - 80 g
Cheese Grana Padano - 5 g
Olive oil - 5 g

Method of cooking:
1. The dough will first crumble, moisten hands with water and mix again. When the mass becomes like dough, wrap it in a food foil, and send it to the fridge.
Roll out the dough.
2. For filling, finely grind the knife mint, add to the cheese, and knead it all with a fork.
3. Dough rolled up to a thickness of 1 mm. Slice the cut glasses, wet them edges, stack the filling, close the other circle, fixing the edges, expelling air. Adjust the edges with a fork. We throw ravioli in boiling water.
4. In a frying pan we pour vegetable oil and fry the finely chopped mushrooms, stirring.
5. Transfer the prepared raquoises into a frying pan with a sauce, mix it a little and put it into a plate. Stir in the cheese and sprinkle with oil.
Enjoy your meal! With love, Your Catering Dnepr!