Salad with ham

Olivier long been bored banal recipe! Cooks Catering Dnepr offer you cook easy and delicious salad with ham and mushrooms.

Ingredients for the recipe:

Olives - about 100 grams
Ham - about 200 grams.
Jar of corn
Mushrooms (preferably take marinated) - about 100 grams.
Lettuce leaves
Eggs - 2 pieces

How to cook:

To begin cook eggs. Further, they must be cooled. Take the ham, cut into its pieces. Mushrooms narezhte plates. Cut into circles all olives. Boiled eggs cut kusochkami.Teper put in a salad bowl prepared meat, mushrooms and eggs, olives, and do not forget about the corn. Then pour it with mayonnaise. Can a little salt the. Salad can be served in portions on salad leaves. Bon appetit, my friends!